Water Softener

Hard water problems are caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium minerals in your water. When left untreated, these natural minerals become 'sticky' as they encounter stressors in your home, things like changes in temperature, pressure, or turbulence. The sticky mineral clumps will form hard water stains on countertops and shower walls, and can affect the way your soap lathers.
While troublesome when you notice them, hard water problems are even worse in areas where you can't see them. Hard water build-up will form on the inside of pipes, on the heating coil or element in your water heater, inside your showerheads and faucets, and in other areas that can't be seen – or cleaned. These deposits will start to clog faucets, filters, and pipes. Water heaters and other water-using appliances will exhibit hard water problems such as a reduction in water flow, and will often require repair or replacement. Hard water scale build-up can also increase energy usage in appliances, and cause them to fail prematurely.

Signs of Hard Water
• Water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines may require frequent repair or replacement
• Shower heads and faucet aerators will clog, and water will spray sideways
• Pipes will clog with chalky white build-up and develop pinhole leaks over time
• Dishes and glassware will show water spotting or a white mineral haze
• Ice maker will break down and might require replacement
• Toilets, sinks and showers will be difficult to clean

A No-Salt Water Conditioner uses electronic scale-control technology to reduce hard water build-up in your home. Your water can have a more natural feel, and water-using appliances perform as expected — without adding salt or chemicals to your water.

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